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Gas Station Inc. is a very entertaining strategy game where you have to run a small gas station. In this fun adventure, you will have to take charge of everything to keep your customers as satisfied as possible. Can you do it?

Your experience in Gas Station Inc. will begin from the moment that customers start arriving. Although the tasks you have to complete are quite different from each other, they are all very easy to do. You need to use certain controls according to what the customer needs. However, they all revolve around swipes or taps on different parts of the screen.

Best of all, in Gas Station Inc., you can choose the department that you want to work in. There are three options. However, no matter which you pick, the first thing that you will do is choose the gas station’s logo by swiping your finger on the sign. After this, your first customer will arrive. The customer will tell you the amount of fuel they need, so you must attend and charge them.

In Gas Station Inc., you can enjoy a fun adventure where you run a gas station from scratch. Build up your customers by providing excellent service.


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