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Garden Mania is a social puzzle game developed by Ezjoy (creators of Marble Blast and Save My Bird) that offers a gaming experience very similar to the classic Candy Crush Saga, except it swaps out the candy and sweets for fruits and other produce.

Gameplay in Garden Mania is practically identical to Candy Crush: players have to match vegetables on a board to make them disappear. Like this you’ll advance through the more than 100 levels filled with lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, and other produce.

Players will find lots of power-ups throughout the games. The hammer, for example, makes all vegetables of the same type disappear, while the scarecrow removes all the vegetables in a certain area.

Garden Mania is an entertaining puzzle game with very colorful visuals. It’s not especially innovative (actually it’s not innovative at all), but at least it’s entertaining.


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