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Galaxiga is a fun SHUMP (shoot ‘em up) that brings the gameplay of this popular genre to the comfort of your Android device. This app conserves an arcade game feel, respecting the incredible difficulty of the higher levels just like the classics like Space Invaders or Galaxian do.

Galaxiga’s gameplay is similar to any other game of this genre: by swiping across the screen, you’ll control your spaceship’s movement, which will shoot shells automatically. Once you’ve mastered these simple controls, you’ll need to finish off endless hordes of adversaries which will unlock improvements for your vehicle, which will be necessities if you want to win battles against every level’s bosses.

You’ll earn coins at the end of each level based on the amount of damage you receive, and how many adversaries you take out. You’ll be able to use these to invest in improvements for your faithful ship, which in turn will increase the strength of your attack as well as improving your pilot’s health.

Galaxiga doesn’t bring anything new to the genre, although for anyone willing to give it a shot, its offerings are polished enough for its players to have a fun, daring and addictive experience.

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