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Galactory – Sandbox Simulator is a cute pixel aesthetic sandbox where players can become gods, creating and destroying worlds, using the power of their fingertips by tapping on the screen. Whether you want to be a benevolent or vengeful god, that’s another matter.

The way Galactory – Sandbox Simulator works is simple and intuitive: at the bottom of the screen you have all the tools you need to create and destroy your worlds, fertile land, sand, fresh water, sea water, forests, etc. Just choose a tool and tap the screen to start creating.

You can also use your tools like lightning, earthquakes, acid rain and even bombs. What’s more, you even have the option of adding inhabitants to your world: you can multiply the people that exist with a tap, add chickens, sheep, and pigs. But you can also add bears and wolves that will eat the livestock and kill the people. By tapping on each person or animal you can see their health and hunger levels.

At the same time, the game has a slot machine system that lets you earn money in exchange for energy and your people’s faith. With this money, you can unlock technologies that can move your people’s development forward. So, they start in the neolithic era where they learn to farm the land, and little by little you provide them with knowledge that will help them build their own civilizations. You can also destroy them or send plagues that will delay their advances.

Galactory – Sandbox Simulator is a very entertaining open world game, where you can create and destroy worlds for hours and hours, constantly finding synergies and surprising results. All of this with charming pixelated graphics.


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