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Furies: Last Escape is a pretty peculiar management and strategy-based game that challenges you to lead a military base that’s full of cute army girls. These girls can help you get rid of the mobs of zombies that are freely roaming around the world.

Furies: Last Escape continues the story that was introduced in the two previous installments of the saga: a zombie apocalypse is about to wipe out humanity and your objective is to create a stronghold that’s powerful enough to combat this threat. Luckily, there’s an entire army of cute girls by your side.

When you enter the military base management screen, you can build and improve structures as well as recruit new troops. You can also collect resources, communicate with your allies or plan attacks against other players. As you start completing your missions, you can unlock additional content.

Furies: Last Escape is a super entertaining strategy-based game that doesn’t offer a very unique gameplay or concept, but it does have great visuals and an anime aesthetic that tons of players are sure to love.


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