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Funko is the official app from this well-known figurine brand to help you learn about your collection quickly and easily. Thanks to the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, you can access each section with ease.

In the first tab, you can see all the figurines available on the market. Since they’re all sorted into categories, you won’t have a problem finding the Funko you’re interested in learning more about. In fact, you can see the image of each toy and mark it as a favorite to find it more easily in the future.

With the search feature, on the other hand, you can use your smartphone’s camera to scan barcodes. Thanks to this feature, all you have to do is focus your smartphone on the Funko box in question to get information on that figurine. This way, you can see where the character is from, whether it’s a movie, band, or something else.

Funko is a great way to learn about your collection of these popular figurines or find new ones to add to your collection. You can also create a wish list, which is a great way to let other people know which figurines to buy you as gifts.

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