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Funimate is a social media app similar to Tik Tok or LIKE, where you can create videos, edit them with effects and filters, and share them with all your followers. In just a few seconds, this app can transform ordinary movies taken with your smartphone’s camera into viral videos!

Simply create a new account, or make one with an existing Twitter or Facebook account, to start using the Funimate app. Once you’ve created an account, you can browse through other user’s videos, customize your profile, of course, and upload your own videos!

Funimate has a wide variety of easy-to-use editing tools. Add sounds, songs, text, or stickers to your videos, adjust the colors, and even browse through over a dozen filters and apply them in real-time. This app makes it easy to create complex and eye-catching effects!

Once you’ve created a great video, there’s still one more thing to do before uploading it: pick some hashtags! The hashtags you choose can greatly influence how many people see your video, but thankfully this app makes choosing hashtags a bit easier by offering a list of trending hashtags to browse through.

Create great viral videos in a matter of seconds -and browse through great videos created by users all over the world- with the entertaining and exciting social media app Funimate.


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