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Fruits Cut is a fun arcade game that’s a bit like other games in which you cut fruit. In it, you throw knives at the pieces of fruit flying across the screen, trying to cut them into small pieces. The more fruit you cut at once, the more points you get!

There are two different game modes: classic and arcade. In the first, you have one minute to cut as much fruit as you can and get the highest score possible. In the second, you have to complete a series of very difficult challenges where you dodge bombs.

One of the things that differentiates Fruits Cut from other games is that, instead of cutting fruit with a sword, you’ll do so with knives. You have to be very careful how you throw your knives, though, because if a knife bounces and hits a bomb, you lose.

Fruits Cut is a simple and fun arcade game with colorful graphics. Even though its gameplay is similar to other games, it’s still fun to play.


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