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Fruit Fancy is a cute puzzle game strongly inspired by the gameplays that made the terrific Best Fiends so popular. Fruit Fancy imitates this game in quite a satisfactory way in practically all aspects, offering an experience that’s slightly less amazing than the original game but equally fun.

The gameplays in Fruit Fancy are very simple: you’ve got to try to fulfill the objectives in each level before you run out of moves. To do it you’ve got to eliminate pieces of fruit by matching them with your finger in groups of three or more, keeping in mind at all times that they need to belong to the same kind of fruit. If you manage to match a large number of pieces in a single move you’ll create special fruit that help you clear out much of the level with just one move.

Based on the number of moves you make in the game, you can be rewarded with up to three stars. Getting these three stars in each of the levels is the real challenge in Fruit Fancy, as the gameplays that get added progressively in the most advanced level significantly boost the difficulty and every move will be more valuable than the last.

Although Fruit Fancy is a less complete experience than the one offered by Best Fiends, it is much more accessible and will delight people who’ve run out of levels in the original title.


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