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Fruit Burst is a casual game where you have to match different colored fruit to try and clear the board. Your goal in this game is to match at least three fruits of the same kind to get rid of them from the screen. Doing this will earn you points that let you move on to the next challenge.

Fruit Burst’s visuals are typical of this kind of game. In the middle of the screen is a board where all the fruit are scattered about. You’ll need to swipe each fruit to try and get rid of them as quickly as you can.

It’s important to keep in mind that you’ll come across special powers throughout the different levels, which will help you get rid of more fruit in one go. If you manage to swipe any of these items with the fruit, the board will be cleared after only a few moves more.

Although the gameplay in Fruit Burst is already pretty familiar, the game has all the essential elements for having a good time. The boards will become harder and harder to clear as you play, testing your visual agility.


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