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FREE QR Scanner is a tool that will allow you to scan multiple codes directly from your Android device. Just focus right on the spot with your camera and wait for a few seconds.

FREE QR Scanner’s interface is pretty straightforward. Tap on the scan button to allow the use of your Android’s camera in the app, focus on the QR code and place it in the center of the shown square.

One of FREE QR Scanner’s most relevant features is that it not only scans QR codes, but also generates them as well, following some straightforward steps. Regardless of the info you want to represent, you’ll be able to generate them by simply filling in some required fields. Wi-Fi passwords, URLs, ISBNs, phone numbers, SMS, contacts, calendars, email, and locations are just a few of the data you can include.

FREE QR Scanner provides you with all the essential tools needed to scan both barcodes and QR codes, as well as generate them easily from your smartphone.


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