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Formula Car Stunt is a driving game where you have to drive racing cars with the goal of driving around each circuit at high speed. To do this, you put the pedal to the metal as you try to jump over ramps without falling into the void.

With 3D graphics, it is easy to identify and get over the various obstacles dotted around the levels in this game. The controls are simple, you basically just to have to tap two direction arrows to change direction as you control your speed with the pedals. In any case, if you prefer, you can use your smartphone’s gyroscope to change the vehicle’s trajectory.

In Formula Car Stunt you will see circuits that defy belief where you have to go at incredibly high speeds to fly through the air. What’s more, you will often find that the track is cut off and you will have to bridge the gap between the two sections of tarmac.

It should be noted that with the rewards you get in Formula Car Stunt, you can unlock more powerful racing cars. In any case, you always have the nitro button that allows you to reach higher speeds, as long as you have energy available.


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