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Format Factory is an app that lets you edit all your multimedia files, whether they’re videos or audios. Of course, you can change your file formats (the clue is in the app’s name), but you can also compress them, cut them, or extract the audio.

To use Format Factory, simply select the multimedia file that you would like to work on, and you will immediately be able to see all the tools you have at your disposal: play, convert, compress, cut, extract MP3 (this last one is only applicable for video files). Each one of the tools also contains a bunch of other options.

For example, in terms of converting files (one of the more interesting options), you have a range of possibilities. You can change the output format as well as video size, reduce the fps rate or change the bitrate. Among the different formats available, there are: Mp4, Flv, WebM, Avi, Mkv, Mp3, Flac, Wma, Ogg, M4a and Wav.

Format Factory is a very useful app for one very simple reason: you can very easily edit and change your audio and video files in just a few seconds. You don’t need any previous experience to cut or change the format of any video or song.

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