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Foodie for Food Photos is a camera app developed by LINE that focuses exclusively on offering the best filters for food photography. In the end, taking pictures of food is something that loads of people love doing.

The app includes more than 20 different filters specially designed for food photography. There are filters for barbecues, fish, ice cream, pasta, and much more. All of them make your food look even tastier in the photos.

Apart from these filters, Foodie for Food Photos offers other options as well. You can apply the classic soft focus that’s so fashionable on Instagram, and alternate between a 1:1 and a 3:4 aspect ratio. You can also use your device’s flash to better illuminate your food.

Foodie for Food Photos is a great camera app that completely aimed at food photography. So much so that it doesn’t let you use your device’s front camera. Your pizza isn’t going to take a selfie, after all.


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