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Flying Gorilla is an arcade game in which you can control a flying gorilla and beat endless levels. Although no one knows how it flies, it’s not your job to figure it out; instead, you’re here to help the flying gorilla dodge obstacles and collect all the bananas he can.

Since there are just three lanes, Flying Gorilla has really simple controls: just use the buttons on either side of the screen to move the gorilla to the left or to the right. If you don’t tap either of the buttons, the gorilla flies down the center of the screen. Sometimes flying in the center lane is the best way to dodge the dangerous obstacles. Like similar games, you’ll have to start the level over if you run into anything on the screen in Flying Gorilla.

In this wild game, you can choose to either beat individual levels or see how far you can fly in infinite mode. Along the way, you’ll have to collect all the bananas you can to win points and get the highest score you can. Not only that, but you can use points to unlock new -and very unique- skins for your gorilla.

Flying Gorilla is an entertaining endless runner with a premise that could have been taken from a meme: a flying gorilla that has to dodge chickens and pigs. It’a great alternative to other famous endless runners such as Subway Surfers or Temple Run.



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