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Flowerpop Adventures is an addictive game where you have to shoot seeds at flower buds that you find scattered across the screen to try to make them bloom. The seeds will bounce from bud to bud until all of them have bloomed completely, or until the seed falls to the ground. And the more flower buds you hit, the more points you get.

To get the most bounces possible, you need to shoot the seed accurately and hit as many flower buds as you can. As you get into the higher levels, you’ll start finding that different flowers give you different numbers of points and will learn which ones to play to get ahead. You’ll also come across beehives, explosive barrels, and mystic portals and will have to figure out how to get points out of them, too.

Flowerpop Adventures can be linked to your Facebook account, so you can challenge your friends and show them who’s best at shooting seeds. Every day, a new gift or advantage is made available for you to send to your friends to help them get to the next levels, and they can return the favor by sending you suggestions of their own.

If you play well you can unlock secret levels where you can get more points. This will secure you a place in Flowerpop Adventure’s world leaderboards, where all players jockey for the top spots in this lovely game.

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