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Flipping Legend is an arcade game where you play an adventurer on a journey through different settings with a mission to kill all the enemies that get in your way while avoiding the traps. Of course, you’ll also have to collect coins and discover treasures, too.

The settings in Flipping Legend stretch on infinitely but are only three tiles wide. You have to move within these three tiles diagonally to the left or right – but always diagonally. To kill an enemy, you have to land on the tile where he’s located.

Your main enemy in Flipping Legend, besides the traps, is the rhythm. If you want to survive, you can never stop moving. Your life bar is depleting at all times and will only stop when you kill an enemy. So you’ll need to keep moving while also playing smart.

Flipping Legend is a really fun arcade game that has a simple and addictive gameplay and charming pixelated graphics. As you play and collect coins, you can also unlock new heroes.


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