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Fishing Points is an app that lets you get all the information you need to go fishing: tides, wind, and fish activity. And you can get all this information in real time, with all the details you need. However, it’s important to mention that while you can see all the information for the current day, if you want to see a forecast for the next day or week, you’ll need to unlock the paid version of the app.

If you use Fishing Points, you can save locations where the fishing was especially good, check out underwater maps, use an integrated compass, measure distances, and even save information about any trophy you’ve gotten. You can add the place where you caught your trophy winner, a photo, weight, size, or time you caught it.

Fishing Points is a great app for anyone who goes fishing regularly. Thanks to this useful app, you can get all the information you need to go fishing conveniently and even save all the information you want about your catches.


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