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Fire Mission is a strategy game set in a universe that’s been invaded by strange creatures equipped with the latest technology. To defend humanity from danger, you’ll need to lead a group of heroines into battle and help them fight their way to victory.

In Fire Mission, you’ll discover lots of new characters as you fight battles against the invaders. Although the battles unfold automatically, you have the opportunity to place the members of your team strategically in order to increase your chances of winning.

Fire Mission has spectacular animated sequences through which you can appreciate each attack in great detail. Between battles, it’s important to pay attention to the universe where this story takes place. You can construct new buildings and training centers where your warriors can improve their skills to enter each battle stronger than before.

Fire Mission tests your ability to create successful strategies that maximize each character’s potential. By placing your team as strategically as possible, you can create powerful combos that will bowl your enemies over. In this game, technology is a threat to humanity, so you’ll need to fight if you want to prevent dark forces from overtaking every corner of the map.


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