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Final Gear is a strategic role-playing game where you have to fight thrilling battles between robots with various abilities. It’s important to keep in mind that each one of these mechas is controlled by characters equipped with magic powers. Like this, you will go about completing various strategies and prove your strength.

One of Final Gear’s strong points is that there are dozens of different characters that you can gather as you win battles. This will mean that you can combine robots and pilots until you create powerful squadrons. The attacks occur automatically during the fights, but you can have some influence by using specific moves.

You can also access the assembly area at the home screen, where you can put together different robots that will let you face waves of very powerful enemies. In fact, at any point, you can try combining different pieces that might help you reduce the effect of enemy attacks.

Final Gear lets you create your own base to hold the different mechas you make, as well as their respective pilots. What’s more, there are different scenarios in which to deploy each strategy to try and overcome all the enemy attacks as best you can.



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