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Figurine Art is a casual game where you can create your own action figurines from scratch. To do this, you’ll first have to put together each character’s body and then add color to the different parts.

One of the key parts of Figurine Art is that each figurine is displayed in 3D. Swipe around on the screen to change the angle of each project. Once you’ve put together the character, you can turn your attention to the front and start coloring the figurine.

In the Figurine Art editor, there are various paint brushes and types of paint for getting a figurine as close to the model as possible. Keep in mind that painting each part of the designs carefully is very important for getting a high-quality result.

When you’ve finished creating, you just need to reposition each figurine’s limbs as shown. Like this, you can create highly accurate figurines of characters, such as Iron Man or Huggy Wuggy, that will even be displayed on a virtual shelf.

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