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Fashion Battle is a strategy game where your very original mission is to compete in catwalks around the world. Dress the girls in the most appropriate outfits according to the themes to get the highest scores.

In this fun adventure, the only thing you have to do is tap your Android screen. Once the Fashion Battle game begins, you just need to choose the model you want to use. After this, the app will find your opponent. Both of you will have to walk at the same time. So, pay attention to the given themes to choose the best clothes for each occasion.

Once the catwalk starts, both Fashion Battle models will start walking. As they make their way down the catwalk, different instructions will appear on the screen. In one of the first catwalks, you will have to dress your character for a party. When you least expect it, different shirt, hairstyle, skirt and shoe options will appear. Choose the ones you like the most. When both models reach the end of the catwalk, they will be given a score by the judges, and the model with the highest score will win.

Fashion Battle is an addictive game that you will definitely have loads of fun playing. Accompany your model and choose the best outfits in each of the competitions around the world.


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