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Restore an abandoned farm in the management game Farmscapes. This game transports you to a remote village where you’ll have to earn materials and resources and use them to restore a farm to its former glory.

In Farmscapes, you’ll have to restore both the inside and outside spaces of the farm. To do so, you’ll not only have to renovate the buildings, but also get animals, raise crops, and grow plants to collect raw materials to sell.

If you want to restore the farm quickly, you’ll have to carefully manage your profits, which you earn by completing match-3 puzzles. Like any other match-3 puzzle, the goal is to create groups of at least three of the same piece. On top of that, Farmscapes has power-ups that you can use to clear entire rows and columns at once.

Farmscapes has an entertaining storyline and loads of items to unlock as you restore an abandoned farm. Manage your budget carefully, plant crops and raise animals, and see if you can create a profitable farm.



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