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FairEmail is an open source email client with much better privacy protections than other email clients, like the Gmail app, for example. It also lets you manage various accounts simultaneously with a single inbox.

FairEmail’s special privacy protections refer to the fact that it doesn’t collect any user data or third-party server information, and it doesn’t ask for permissions unless they’re absolutely necessary. It also keeps other apps from accessing your emails and attachments without your explicit consent.

Another key part of FairEmail, besides privacy, is customization. The app lets you customize each and every detail, including the way you view emails, gestural shortcuts, and the types of notifications you receive. You can adjust all these elements from the options menu.

FairEmail is an excellent email client for Android, thanks to which you can manage your email with privacy according to your demands and needs. And all this from an app that takes up less than 10 MB!


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