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FacePlay is a platform that gives you the opportunity to insert your own face or that of your loved ones into the scenes in a variety of short videos. It’ll only take you a few seconds to insert your face and watch the impressive three-dimensional results.

Once you’ve downloaded FacePlay, you’ll have access to a series of categories where you’ll find videos of styles such as “For you”, “Fashion”, “MAN”, “Gipao”, “Flower Gods”, “Eight Beauties”, “Hanfu”, “Ethnic” and “Contribution”. As you create them, they’ll be grouped together in your profile, which you’ll be able to see by opening the menu in the upper right corner of the screen.

To get to work and start making changes to the face of any video you like, in FacePlay all you have to do is tap on the boomerang shown. Then, you’ll be given two different options. You can either take a picture of the face you want using the app itself right then and there or choose the image you want from the ones you already have stored on your device. No matter which option you choose, the app will only take a few seconds to give you impressive and realistic results.

FacePlay is one of those apps that lets you insert your own face into a huge variety of short videos. And best of all, it’s practically effortless.


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