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Extra Hot Chili 3D is a casual game with many challenges that all have a common denominator: every level in this game has chili-related elements that you must chop, move or free so the characters can eat them.

Each character in the different challenges is used to eating spicy food. This means that you must do everything you can to complete each challenge if you want your score to keep going up. However, you will need to maintain control in each test to avoid giving too much chili to each guest.

The 3D, and pretty colorful, graphics in Extra Hot Chili 3D let you see every element. The gameplay in the minigames varies, and so you have to pay attention to each action to complete the levels before it’s too late.

Extra Hot Chili 3D has dozens of challenges that will test your and the character’s ability to handle the heat. By creating actions with the foods in each scene, you must complete the missions to get a high score.

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