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EXILE Survival is a 3D role-playing and action game set in an original world halfway between prehistoric times and medieval fantasy. Learn how to survive in this hostile world and fight against tons of enemies. You can also build your own home, cook food, and make friends with other characters.

Gameplay in EXILE Survival is very simple. Move with the virtual D-pad on the left side of the screen, and tap the buttons on the right for certain actions. As you level up and unlock abilities, new buttons with special attacks will be added.

Gameplay in EXILE Survival is very similar to Last Day on Earth and other similar games, with the main difference being that instead of zombies, you fight against violent orcs and trolls to keep them from killing you. You can also build a cozy little home, create tools, concoct potions, collect tons of different resources, and more.

EXILE Survival is an excellent game that combines aspects of role-playing, survival, and action, practically guaranteeing you tons of entertainment. The game also has amazing graphics and an original setting that sets it apart from other similar games.



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