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Want to learn a language? Use EWA: Learn English & Spanish Language to boost your skills! With this app you can learn for free and from the comfort of your Android device. To get started, just select your native language, the one you want to learn and your current level. You can choose from beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Unlike other similar apps, EWA: Learn English & Spanish Language puts a wide range of learning tools right in your hands. Use the traditional exercises to learn little by little, word by word, sentence by sentence – but take advantage of the videos too, because those will teach you pronunciation.

That’s not all – you can also explore the reading and video games tabs. In the reading tab you’ll find complete books in your target language, as well as the ability to translate unfamiliar words just by tapping on them. Alternatively, the gaming tab offers word puzzles for a fun way to get to grips with vocab and grammar.

With EWA: Learn English & Spanish Language you can build your language skills through a mixture of fun activities and methods. Read world literature classics, play video games and test your growing knowledge with dedicated exercises and exams.


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