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Evangelion Battlefields is a 3D action game where you get to control the classic EVAs from the popular anime Evangelion. The game’s story takes you back to some of the most iconic moments from the series. Plus, it reveals some entirely new storylines and scenes.

The combat system in Evangelion Battlefields is very similar to the one seen in Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers. In other words, you can take your time choosing what skills or attacks you want to carry out each time it’s your turn, keeping in mind that your rival will do the same. At times, you can also directly control your EVA’s moves, making it possible to dodge the attacks coming at you from the enemy angels.

Even though the combats are, hands-down, the most spectacular thing about Evangelion Battlefields, you can do more than just fight. Between combats, you can relive some of the most famous scenes from the anime, perfectly recreated in 3D. You can also manage the city Tokyo-3, rebuilding the parts that are damaged throughout the campaign.

One of the most eye-catching things about Evangelion Battlefields is that the battles are specially designed to be played using a controller in the shape of an EVA called ‘Readcon.’ You can also connect some special figures similar to ‘amiibos’ to this controller, which works a lot like a mouse. When you connect these figures, you can get special advantages.

Evangelion Battlefields is a spectacular action game that offers a unique game experience … especially if you have the ‘Readcon.’ It’s an outstanding title that’s a real treat for fans of the popular anime.


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