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Put on your conductor’s cap and drive all kinds of trains across Europe in the train simulator game Euro Train Sim. In each level, it’s up to you to get all the passengers to their destination on time, and without breaking any traffic laws.

Euro Train Sim has well-designed, 3D graphics, and even includes real stations, each one packed with passengers waiting to board the train. Just open the app, choose a route, and you can conduct trains across the continent!

Euro Train Sim has initiative, realistic controls: use the various levers and buttons on the screen to control the train’s speed, turn the lights off or on, and open or close the doors while you’re at a train station. There’s also some useful information shown at the top of the screen, including how much time you have left to complete the route, the distance to the next station, and the speed limit.

This simulator includes all the main train stations in Europe, which makes it even more fun! Drive all kinds of trains in the realistic -and entertaining- game Euro Train Sim.



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