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Eternal Evolution is a fun idle RPG in 3D where you form an army of heroes to defend your kingdom from enemies. Little by little, you can recruit new warriors for your team and level them up to improve your chances of beating the enemy.

In Eternal Evolution, you get new heroes as you win battles, each with their own attributes and special skills. For example, some heroes are best at ranged attacks, while others can heal their comrades, tanks, and more. As usual, you can also unlock additional skins for your favorite characters. Part of forming a solid strategy relies on knowing where to place your heroes in order to make the most of their abilities, or knowing which hero or skill is a priority to level up, so a large part of the game is about making strategic decisions.

The battles in Eternal Evolution unfold automatically. When you reach level 3, you can fast forward the fights, which is nice, because all you can really do is watch them and occasionally tap on the attack button once it’s charged.

Eternal Evolution is an idle RPG that’s tons of fun to play on Android devices. What’s more, this game also has some pretty amazing graphics.

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