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Escape Bubble is another entertaining version of the classic bubble shooter. This time, the goal is to pop all the bubbles to escape a colorful labyrinth! Aim carefully, pop bubbles, and destroy all the obstacles in this fun game.

Similar to other bubble shooter games, in Escape Bubble players move a cannon to aim, and then tap the screen to fire a bubble! The color of the next two bubbles is shown on the bottom of the screen, and you can swap them to change which bubble you fire next.

But popping all the bubbles in Escape bubble might be harder than you expect! Unlike similar games, this app doesn’t have a line that shows where the bubble will go when you’re aiming. It’s up to you to aim carefully, fire, and hopefully pop loads of bubbles!

On top of all that, Escape Bubble has a few secrets you can discover as you create combinations and pop bubbles. Give this game a try and see if you can pop all the bubbles in its progressively more difficult levels!


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