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eScan Mobile Security is a recommendable tool that you can use to keep you cellphone clean and protected from malware that can affect its performance.

The app carries out an complete scan of all the programs and games that you download, as well as those that you install, no matter where they come from.

The program can also filter calls and messages from contacts that you add to your blacklist, and from those contacts from whom you wish to hear nothing.

The program also includes the option to make backup copies of all of the data you keep on your phone, from your list of contacts to your message history, and you can transfer the backup copy to your memory card in order to avoid losing it.

eScan Mobile Security’s functions don’t stop there; they also include a parental control tool, from which you can establish filters so that your children can safely surf the web.

Let’s continue adding great features to the list, and mention the program’s option to block all the apps that you want to restrict via password. This increases your phone’s security. All of this from a comfortable and simple interface, from which you can analyze your system in search of malware or damaged files.

eScan Mobile Security for Android is, without a doubt, one of the most complete security tools that you can find.


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