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eRepublik is the official version for smartphones of the classic web browser-based game by the same name which was released in 2008. You can create your very own ‘citizen’ and be part of the New World which you can modify by participating in its politics, declaring wars, creating businesses, etc.

Gameplay in eRepublik is somewhere between a social network and strategy and management-based games. You can either be an employee for other players, create your own virtual enterprises, start your very own political party, vote during the elections, become the president, create a newspaper, and of course, create wars. As a matter of fact, this version of the game really emphasizes the war aspect of the game.

eRepublik is a really interesting adaptation of the most popular web browser-based MMORPGs in history for smartphones. Also, when you create your ‘citizen’, you can choose the country you want to belong to, which determines your future in the game.


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