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Endless Frontier is a clicker where you form part of the Knightage of Dimension, immersed in an endless battle against the Prince of Darkness. Luckily, you have more than 100 different units to recruit to your army. Each unit can be leveled up and evolved to become stronger.

The gameplay in Endless Frontier is standard for the genre: Your units automatically attack all enemies that appear. You just have to focus on upgrading and strengthening them – and to do it, you need money. Getting money involves completing missions, which you can also gradually upgrade.

One of the great things about Endless Frontier compared to similar games is the enormous variety of settings and situations it presents. It’s got more than a thousand different settings, and throughout your adventure you can enjoy unique events featuring all sorts of characters.

Endless Frontier is an RPG clicker that despite not adding much to the genre in terms of originality does offer an entertaining gameplay and nice graphics.


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