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Edjing DJ Turntable is an application that lets you be a DJ just by taking your smartphone out of your pocket. Now you can have a mixer on your smartphone to mix songs and create new music. The app accesses the music library on your SD card to find songs in MP3 format and transfer them to Edjing so you can mix their beat, add effects and craft perfect transitions between songs.

The virtual mixer has a wide variety of effects that are available for free, such as scratching , EQ, and flanger, in addition to others available from the official store . You only have to add a song to each one of the two decks to mix, add distortion, or change the beats per minute (BPM) automatically or manually by pressing ‘ Sync’.

If you want to take a break for a few minutes, you can use the ‘AutoMix’ mode to get Edjing to mix tracks from a playlist. Edjing can record CD-quality audio in high definition and includes the option to share your mix via Twitter and Facebook, so you can use other users’ compositions in your sessions, or use songs from the Deezer and SoundCloud platforms (the latter is only available through a membership).

Edjing’s interface is completely customizable with different skins to help you find the look that best suits you. This app is a great choice if you need a program to DJ but do not have a laptop or have problems transporting your system to a party venue.



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