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Edge Lighting Colors is an app that you can use to customize your Android’s interface with the colors and items you like the most. Frame colors, wallpapers or neon effects are just a couple of the settings you can define.

Edge Lighting Colors’s interface is quite simple, though enough for its purpose. From the bottom menu, you can check the most used themes by other users, navigate through different styles you can choose and modify them however you like. You can also access the settings to define additional parameters, like the screen’s brightness and, thus, save battery life.

The steps to follow in Edge Lighting Colors are very straightforward. The first thing you will have to do is choose the frames’ colors, the tone styles, and the figures you want to place —like hearts, geometric pieces, Christmas trees, bells, stars, flames, moons, etc. Moreover, in order for the frames to perfectly fit your device’s shape and size, you can define the measurements as needed.

Edge Lighting Colors is a very interesting app that you can use to customize your device’s interface with really flashy frames, wallpapers and neon colors.

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