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EcoVerse is a game developed as part of the Girls Make Games initiative, in which young girls from around the world design and develop their own games. In this game, your aim is to clean up pollution-ridden planets and bring life back to them by filling them with plants and animals.

To do all this in EcoVerse you play a set of highly varied minigames. One of them, for example, involves using your fingertip to clear the pollution off the planet. In another one you’ve got to shoot an arrow at a target.

Every time you beat one of the minigames you can pick a new kind of plant or tree. Like this you gradually build loads of habitable planets – planets full of life and color. It’s not easy, though, as whenever you save a planet, the next one will get harder to rescue.

EcoVerse is a game with a gorgeous concept where you have to save planets by cleaning up pollution and planting trees. And the graphics are very pretty, too.

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