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ECO: Falling Ball is a lovely puzzle game with an interesting post-apocalyptic narrative with particularly beautiful graphics.

In ECO: Falling Ball, your objective is to witness the story of the last survivor living in a shelter created to protect humanity from a giant sandstorm. Finally ready to exit the shelter, this bearded old man asks his robot for help to repair the shelter’s internal mechanisms and resurface. So it’s your job to collect energy to repair the generator, among other things.

Keeping this premise in mind, your objective is to help the robot collect energy balls scattered around each level. Each level has three types of elements: energy balls, which you have to collect; ropes, which you have to move or cut; and traps, which you have to avoid. On some levels, you have to create slopes with the ropes so your robot can roll towards the energy balls; in others, you have to cut the ropes so the robot falls on top of the energy ball from above. Once you collect them all, get to the door that takes you to the next level.

With an interesting premise and a different and addictive gameplay, ECO: Falling Ball is an incredibly original game that’s fun to play and look at. If you want an entertaining challenge, look no further.

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