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Dynasty Warriors: Overlords is an action and adventure game where you have to manage the actions of different Japanese warriors whose goal is to conquer loads of rivals. An intense battle is taking place in each of the three kingdoms in this universe, and you are part of the fight for power.

Dynasty Warriors: Overlords’s visuals present all environments and characters in 3D, meaning you can discreetly move around the map. After choosing the hero you’ll use for each mission, you will find yourself, together with your teammates, involved in dozens of battles against powerful opponents.

Another part of Dynasty Warriors: Overlords to keep in mind is that you will get more and more resources and attacks for creating impressive combos. Facing powerful enemies and coming out of it alive will require great deployment of your troops.

Between each battle, you will also meet other characters who will give you clues regarding certain hidden mysteries. These dialogs help you to forge alliances with other players who are also fighting to seize power.


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