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Duskwood is a fast-paced conversational adventure where you try to prove your innocence after a group of people accuses you of kidnapping someone, a premise similar to that of other great games like Simulacra and Her Story. This game is played on a smartphone-like interface where you interact with various elements on the phone to unravel the mystery before it’s too late to clear your name.

Thanks to the interface’s clever design, getting the hang of the game’s controls is a piece of cake. Your adventure begins when you’re added to a WhatsApp group. The messages written by other people appear on your screen automatically, and you can respond by tapping the responses you see. As you advance in the story, you can speak to members of the group individually to try to get additional information.

One of the most interesting aspects of Duskwood is that it crosses into real life by hiding crucial clues on social networks like Reddit and Instagram.

If you enjoy classic mysteries, you’ll love Duskwood for its excellent story and high-quality entertainment.

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