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Dscout is an app that lets users take part in questionnaires and obtain money in return.

With Dscout, users can fill in surveys, provide data in the form of photos and videos, read questionnaires and ultimately take part in different investigations on different topics such as economics, health, or work. When you open the app, you can do two things: take part in quick surveys that can reward you with up to five dollars for 20 answers, or a long survey where a few of the participants will be selected and given a previously agreed monetary amount.

From the survey section, you are able to see different options that you can sign up for, each one with a monetary reward. You will also be shown how much time each survey usually takes and exactly what is expected from interviewees. Once you have answered the questions in the study, and according to the fixed conditions, you can obtain the promised reward. However, it is very important to closely read the conditions, as quite often a high level of commitment is required and there are even times when despite having completed the work, you might not be one of the users selected to receive a monetary reward.

Dscout allows users to take part in studies and questionnaires, and earn money for doing so. The app’s design is smooth and pleasing, which is always a good thing.


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