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Drops Learn Japanese Language Kanji and Hiragana is a useful app for learning Japanese through daily practice. If you’re looking for a good way to take your first crack at learning this language, download this app and dedicate just five minutes to it every day.

One of the advantages of Drops Learn Japanese Language Kanji and Hiragana is that it has well-designed graphics to illustrate each new thing you learn, making the time you spend studying more enjoyable. This app works by making connections in your memory, helping you learn new words and then use them in practical situations.

With just five minutes a day, you can build your vocabulary, taking little steps forward and expanding what you know in Japanese. Some of the exercises in Drops Learn Japanese Language Kanji and Hiragana will show you a word, a drawing to help you understand what it means, its equivalent in Japanese, and the word written out. From there, you’ll have to match the word with its translation or choose the right answer from several options, among other examples.

If you want to learn tons of words in Japanese and build up your vocabulary to understand more, this app will help you dive into the language with just five minutes a day.


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