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Drop It is a game that’s full of puzzles that test your ability to break all of the glassware. Devise your strategy by carefully observing every setting to decide exactly where to drop each object.

In Drop It, each of the settings has a different aesthetic based around the task that the stickman has to carry out. Also, in every level, you run into a full glass. Your goal is to throw all of your pieces until you knock over each crystal vessel.

In Drop It, you need to destroy each glass in as few moves as possible. So, if you break the vessel in a single attempt, you move onto the next level after earning the maximum number of stars. As you complete challenges, the game gets harder. Eventually, you’re even forced to use other objects from the setting to achieve your goal.

Entertain yourself with Drop It by trying to break the glasses in every setting. Glance across each room and envision which move to make with every piece. Then, make sure to throw from the right spot to reach the glass in as few moves as possible.


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