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Dress Up Sisters is a fun and casual video game where we will have to match dress three sisters for a special occasion. To that end, we will have to navigate different paths to opt to the right piece of outfit.

Dress Up Sisters’s gameplay is as follows: in each level, we will see a piece of clothes that we can choose (warm clothes, cosplay, kimonos, work clothes, etc.). Once the level starts, our three sisters will march one after the other, parading through the catwalk. On each side of the catwalk, we will find different outfits, ones more suitable to our specific events (for instance, scarves if we’re at a winter level) than others (like bikinis for the same level). Moreover, the path will be packed with coins and diamonds. Our goal will be to lead these girls and dress them in the most appropriate outfits as possible while avoiding inappropriate ones. At the end of each level, we will get an economic reward depending on the points we might have scored with our choices.

Furthermore, at different stages of the game we will enjoy more narrative experiences in which to make decisions as well. These will affect the clothes we will have to choose at the next level.

Dress Up Sisters’s offers a fun premise and a simple gameplay that will entertain any user.


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