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Dream Island is a game for Android that merges the classic single-player card game Solitaire with house decorating games. Players can discover the strange story that unites the two characters in the game while earning points from Solitaire games and using them to get the necessary materials to do up the house.

At the start of the game, you will play a quick tutorial game of Solitaire to get used to the gameplay. As you win Solitaire games, you can progress with decorating the house. In this sense, Dream Island doesn’t have anything that most players don’t already know: to win a Solitaire game, you have to place cards in ascending or descending order on those already on the board. Each game you win will reward you with a little star that you can use to decorate floors, rooves, beds, wallpaper, etc.

Dream Island is a card game that has been perfectly combined with a house restoration narrative. With excellent graphics, Dream Island offers a lot more than just a game of Solitaire.


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