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Draw Run is a casual game where you compete in exciting races between various characters, relying on your drawing skills in order to win. To advance in the race, draw one of the two concepts proposed to you. If you can draw it well enough, the game will recognize it and let you move on to the next section.

Graphics in Draw Run are all in 3D, which is helpful for identifying obstacles down the road. This is another important aspect of the game, since you’ll have to dodge all kinds of obstacles as you answer each question. Based on the way you go, you’ll gain more or less of an advantage over your rivals.

To draw a picture, just tap on the canvas to start. You can see both options at the top of the screen. Choose one and draw it to advance before someone else pulls ahead.

Draw Run has fun gameplay where you rely on your creativity to help your character move through each scenario. How well you do in the race depends on your drawing abilities, as well as your skill when it come to dodging obstacles. Good luck!

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