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Description is a color-by-numbers game that’s similar to Pixel Art – Color by Number Book. Here, you get the chance to color dozens of images and drawings in a surprisingly original, relaxing and addictive way.

Your first task in is to select one of the black and white templates and then color each of the pixels that make up the illustration. As usual in this type of game, each pixel is numbered and these numbers are associated with a color code that you can modify as you please. This way, you’ll be able to complete the process and get a colorful result in just a few minutes. If you don’t want to be tapping nonstop, you also have the possibility to long-tap to fill in the pixels automatically. lets you choose between artistic works from all sorts of different themes, like cartoons, food, landscapes or portraits. In addition, offers premium drawings that you can only unlock if you subscribe to the app. Another interesting aspect of and one that differentiates it from similar apps, is the fact that you can modify the colors as needed, to further customize each creation. Another interesting aspect is that, when you finish your drawing, it will create a time-lapse of the creation process that you can export and upload to your Instagram Stories. You can also create your own designs and even convert a photo into a pixel-art image.

Without a doubt, is a good coloring game that will keep you entertained while improving your accuracy and abstract vision skills.


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