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Draw Coliseum is an action game where you have to guide the movements of various spinning tops like the ones you see in Beyblades. Doing so involves a fun mechanic where you have to draw the blade you will use to attack your opponent.

In Draw Coliseum you are immersed in 3D environments that make it more realistic. Before diving into the coliseum you have to draw the line that will later be the trajectory of your attack. Depending on your ability to sketch a blade, you’ll have a better chance of defeating your enemy.

As you pass each levels, you get to unlock and use new spinning tops. Your rivals get stronger and stronger and if you don’t want to be defeated you have to skillfully plot your attack trajectory. What’s more, as you beat challenges you get bonuses that help you improve your spinners.

Draw Coliseum has sophisticated spinners, similar to Beyblades, making you feel a part of the well-known Japanese anime. The 3D graphics add realism to each attack. Overall, your goal is to deal huge blows to your enemies to eliminate them from the battlefield.



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