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Dragonscapes Adventure is a fun adventure game where you get to help Mia, a young explorer, to make a home on a remote island that is inhabited by dragons, no less.

The gameplay in Dragonscapes Adventure works as follows: when you reach the island, you’ll hardly have anything at all to help you survive. Your mission is to collect apples and other food to give you energy to build your home. Fortunately, to do this, you won’t be alone – you’ll have the help of the dragons that live on the island. This is where the other key aspect of the game comes in: the dragons. Each dragon you see will have a level. However, if you see another dragon with the same level, you can merge them together to get a dragon with a higher level.

The level-one dragons can help you with simple tasks like picking apples. However, the higher the level of the dragon, the more power it’ll have to help you build your home on this picturesque island. As you advance, you can grow different grains in the fields, learn more about the island, discover new places, work with the grain to make bread and more elaborate foods, and in short, figure out how to be completely self-sufficient on this island inhabited by dragons.

To sum it up, Dragonscapes Adventure is a fun game with a lovely premise and extraordinarily well-done graphics.


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